Congratulations! You’ve Prepared Your Entire Life To Become The Person You’re Destined To Be…

And Now It’s Finally Possible to Reach Your Destiny With This Missing Piece…

You are finally ready to embrace the possibility of what life could be instead of settling for what it’s been.

But before I can reveal all the greatness that awaits you, it’s important to understand the external forces that got you here in the first place.

Every pivotal moment of growth is a slingshot event in response to catastrophe.

And the state of society and economy is nothing short of a catastrophe.
Banks can’t be trusteddigital currency crashes with every macroeconomic change that occurs.

Our food is pumped with chemicals we can’t even pronounce…

And the American people simply have lost trust and faith in a government that’s meant to serve and protect us.

As you evolve and expand

It is critical to be aware of the world around you and the direction it’s moving.

As you become a magnet for joy, abundance, health, and wealth

you are bound to attract some people who are capable of sabotaging your progress.

If you’re not careful and capable

You may be used as a pawn…
In the very game that’s meant to entrap you.

There are intelligent and intricate systems in place to keep you…



And dependent on consumption and consumerism…

To distract you from your life purpose and personal power.

But This Transformative Guidance Protects You
From Ever Allowing Anything To Chain You
To A Life of Fear, Insecurity, Suffering, And Struggle

For most of my life, I suffered silently.

I accepted that this was just how things were.

Everyone is on a hamster wheelrunning from something, yet going nowhere, fast.

Before I embraced and embodied my gifts

And aligned with the energy of my sacred Eastern element

I was just as lost, lonely, and afraid as you are.

Allow me to introduce myself,

I’m Heather Orion.

I didn’t always have the abundance of joypurpose, and wealth I have now.
Actually, for most of my life…
I barely had anything at all.

I was 12 when I noticed I didn’t have what the other kids had.

But before I was a Grand Master Tarot Reader, I was the middle kid in a family of five.
And my life reflected a lot of the same pain yours has.
My voice was often drowned out by the success of my older brother and the needs of my baby sister.

To be fair, my siblings are pretty extraordinary.

Before I understood the insurmountable expansion of my own heart and my own power
I barely knew what it was like to be hugged.
Growing up, there were few nights when mom and dad didn’t fight.
So I understood my family struggled financially, but…it really hit me the day we lost our home.

My single mom of three received an eviction notice.

And before I knew it, we were moving into my grandmother’s spare bedroom… 

In the middle of nowhere, Alaska.

I spent the next couple of decades working odd jobs and “doing my part” to contribute to the family.

And despite the long days and cold nights of hard work, we only ever had just enough to get by.

At first glance at an old family photo you’d be surprised we actually shared genes.

My brother is tall, athletic, with less than 10% body fat.

While my sister inherited our mother’s feminine shape and thick, luscious curls.

Then there was me.

A forgettable figure with little to no strength or endurance. 

And the only person in my class to get a C+ in Physical Education. 

I mean, who gets a C in PE!? 

Me. That’s who.

This would be fine if not for my insatiable desire to be a fit, healthy athlete.

My parents convinced me to pursue anything besides sports.

Even they knew it was impossible.

I had gotten used to not sharing my dreams with them.

My two siblings and I would immerse ourselves in board games…

Or distract ourselves with our individual hobbies.

But we all could feel the pain our parents caused each other.

Tension in the house was always palpable

We were professional eggshell walkers.

We quickly learned whether it was safe or not to approach either of our parents.

And knew exactly what not to say to prevent either of them from jumping down our throats.

Life wasn’t terrible.
But it certainly wasn’t good.

I had almost accepted that this was it for me.

A small fishing town.

A tiny bedroom.

And an empty bank account.

One day my family went out on the boat one day without me.

I was working more than usual.

After my grandma had passed, we lost a substantial form of income.

I certainly never imagined things could get any worse for us after that.

I had no idea how wrong I was.

Passing my mom the cooler filled with ham and cheese sandwiches

I could see how excited she and my siblings were to finally have some fun.

I dropped them off at the dock and went to work.

The call came in just a few hours after the boat set out…

That a terrible accident happened

And there were no survivors.

But one.

Hunched over my mother’s hospital bed…my heart and my thoughts were racing.

How was I to tell her she lost two of her children?

I worried about how we would survive on my one measly income.

I feared that if this accident wouldn’t take her from me…the reality of how painful life will be was going to.

Months later, Mom was still going to physical therapy.

The accident left her paralyzed in her right arm and leg.

And the severe nerve damage in the other arm and leg left her in a state of chronic pain.

Medical bills piled up, and I picked up every shift I could.

I’d hop from the local deli

To the corner bistro

And clean the town library at night.

I’d sit with the same few fiction books after each shift, escaping into the fantasy of forest fairies, etherial romances and men waging wars in the name of love

I’d re-read the same tales and take comfort in the distraction.

I wished someone would save me…

For some knight to stumble into this stale fishing town…
And decide it was unacceptable to see me sad, lost, tired, or broke.

That DIDN’T happen, of course. 

Something better happened instead.

I decided I’d save myself.

And what was left of my family.

Almost a year after the accident, I was finally finding hope.

Before that day my mom was always on the go.

I wasn’t accustomed to her being home all the time.

But it was my first chance to really get to know her.

I committed all my free time to doing the things she loved.

I knew I couldn’t heal her body so I did what I could to tend to her broken heart.

That mostly meant long conversations with sitcoms playing in the background.

She told me about her childhood.

I knew my mom grew up poor but had no idea how bad it was.

They would often go without meals.

My uncles would have to steal cans of soup…

And they’d always feed my mom first.

She was the baby.

She never wanted her own family to struggle the way she did.

As the guilt would wash over her face, I tried to reassure her how much love she gave us.

Single motherhood isn’t easy.

But she did her best to make it look effortless.

She never showed us how tired she was from working 60-hour weeks.

Or the shame she felt for never re-marrying after my dad left when I was three.

Now, her defenses were down.

And I could see decades of pain on her face.

It reflected my own.

One night I spent nearly an hour staring into the mirror.

traced my fine lines from chin to forehead.

I saw my mom.

connected so many dots of her suffering to my own.

I knew if I didn’t break the cycle of… 



And shame

No one would.

I quickly realized that just because I wanted to change
didn’t make it suddenly happen.

I had finally opened my mind to the idea that life could be different and that I didn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.
Still, I had zero ideas as to how to change my reality.

But I was inspired to try.

I was going to change everything.

For me.

For mom.

And for the generations to come.

The cycle was to end here.

That was until I pulled up to our double-wide after work one night.

And all of the lights were off.

I reached home around 11 pm, as I usually do.

Mom had always left the patio light on.

Sometimes she’d still be up reading beneath the living room lamp.

But on this nightno lights. At ALL!

I made my way quietly into the house assuming she had just fallen asleep.

I took my shower as I usually do.

And as I was rinsing away the shampoo…

I heard my mom say, “I love you, Honey.

It startled me.

It’s not a sentiment she says often.

And the way she said it was… different

It sent chills through my body.

In awkward hesitation, I said, “I love you, too, Mom. I’ll be right out!”

I wrapped a towel around my body and went to her bedside.

The entire house was still so dark.

As I made my way to her room, I could see there was a light on.

But when I opened the door, it was gone.

I leaned in to say goodnight.

I went to touch her hand, and she was frigid.

I quickly switched on the lights to find my mom had passed.

In a panic, my eyes flashed across the room…

To gather as much information as my brain could handle.

The empty bottle of pain meds was on the ground.

And there was a letter folded twice on her bedside table.

She took her life.

Written on the outside of the note was “I love you, Honey.

The police say she had passed hours before I even reached home.

All I could think about was the voice I heard in the shower.

Just before they took her away.

I looked at my mom for the last time and saw a pale blue light surrounding her.

In awe and a little fear, I watched it slowly diminish

Like a flickering candle being smothered until it was gone.

The biggest part of my heart was loaded into the back of a vehicle…

Never to return.

Everyone I loved

All the reasons I had left to live

Were gone.

Eventually, I just stopped dreaming altogether.

Even if I had been a star soccer player…

Or prime pitcher on my school’s sports teams…

My parents were far too consumed with financial woes to bat an eye.

With always hearing them fight about money

I certainly had other things to worry about besides being an Olympian.

Mom and Dad both worked overtime to ensure we got what we “needed.”

Since my mom always worried about not having enough every meal was an ordeal.

She demanded I sit at the table until I cleaned my entire plate.

Nothing could go to waste.

I was forced to overlook and override the cues from my body that told me I was full and satisfied.

Many nights I went to bed sick.

But I ignored the pain by convincing myself better to be full than hungry.

My folks had very little time to spare for us kids… 

And weren’t involved with our individual hobbies and interests

Which is why my collection of crystals and Tarot cards flew under the radar in a technically conservative home.

Did I have any idea what I was doing with crystals and Tarot cards? Of course not. I was only 13.

All I knew was that I was drawn to them.

And when I held them, I felt a physical and emotional response to their presence and energy.

But even that little slice of joy was taken when we lost everything.

My dad was fired in the middle of my sophomore year of high school.

We had to pack suddenly within a few days, we had moved across the country… 

To live with my grandma in a tiny, midwestern town.

That is precisely the year my mind decided that life is uncertain and unsafe.

That I have no control in life and that no matter what I did in an instant, I could lose everything and everyone.

As time went on…

As I watched my grandma age and become ill, a sense of impending doom plagued me.

Health anxiety kept me from having a secure and positive relationship with my body.

Years of yo-yo dieting in my twenties destroyed my metabolism and my mental health.

Looking back…

Even at my leanest and fittest, I was devastatingly displeased with my body.

Constantly criticizing it, pinching and pulling on it like some lab rat that needed further inspection.

I never lived in my body, I only saw it as some science experiment I could never get quite right.

After graduating college and landing my first professional job

And even though he watched me gain and lose…

The same 50 lbs over and over again, he adored every version of me.

I even began to see what he saw…

And learned to appreciate my body, so I began to nurture myself back to health.

A few years ago, I was in a really good place, emotionally, financially, and physically.

Until I got a phone call, I’ll never forget.

He didn’t make it.”

The light of my life

Had been taken from me in a tragic drunk-driving accident.

Riding in the front seat of the hearse on the day of his funeral I stared out of the window…

Just as I did when we moved to my grandma’s house all those years ago.

A similar feeling of loss

No control… 

Enduring a massive and sudden shift in my reality that I never wanted.

How could I go on when the one person who saw something in me…

Was gone?


Suddenly, nothing mattered, not the neglect from my parents.

The missed opportunities to be an athlete.

The way my butt looked in jeans.

I didn’t care about anything.

And I made a decision that would change me forever.

I decided if all the world was going to do was take from me I’m gonna take from it.

And in an angry fit of rebellion, I stopped eating completely.

I wanted to die. But not right away. I wanted to feel the loss of life slip from my fingers.

Every other terrible thing that had happened was unpredictable.

But this I had control over.

I knew what would happen.

And I was determined to see it through.

It only took about a week.

The heart palpitations intensified.

I could barely catch my breath.

I remember the night I was to die, I could feel the gaps between each thud in my chest widening.

I called out to my husband in hopes of a reunion.

But instead

I woke up to the sharp glow of hospital lights…

And the sound of my parents, older brother, and younger sister

Begging me to stay.

In the coming days, I lay awake in the hospital with a feeding tube

I wondered, what’s the point

My heart was closed to the idea of ever loving someone again.

I couldn’t return to the job where I met my beloved husband.

And I couldn’t have cared less about my physical health.

So I was still here but didn’t know why.

So much anger and resentment in one household… It made us all want to run away.

And then, one day, someone did.

I remember seeing my dad’s big, stained duffle bag at the door.

I thought it was weird that he’d be going on another fishing trip 

With my uncle on a Wednesday evening.

He wasn’t.

He sat my brother and sister and me down… 

And said words I’ll never forget

“Mommy and Daddy don’t love each other anymore. So I’m leaving.”

I was only 12.

And this was my first heartbreak.

This was hard for me.

But it destroyed my mom.

My dad vanished from our lives but we lost her too.

She stopped eating.

Our homecooked dinners turned into dollar-menu takeout.

She used to take so many pictures of every event.

Mom didn’t show up to our band concerts or sports games.

While the home fell apart my siblings and I grew closer.

We learned how to protect each other.

Before I knew it, 15 years had passed and I managed to avoid heartbreak again at all costs.

I never wanted to feel that again.

In every relationship, it didn’t matter how wonderful or beautifully compatible we were.

As soon as I felt myself falling…

I ran.

But the self-sabotage didn’t stop with the people I loved. It extended into my career and health, too.

As soon as professional opportunities would present themselves…

I’d let imposter syndrome overcome me, and I’d leave or insist I wasn’t ready.

I was never willing to take the step forward.

Never willing to give myself a chance to be happy or successful.

Or commit to something or someone.

My physical and mental health suffered severely.

Since I couldn’t just let myself enjoy delicious food anytime I’d indulge

I would promptly punish myself by not eating the following day.

Many days I lived on just coffee and the occasional slice of burnt toast.

This lead to devastatingly low energy, irritability, and lack of focus.

By my late twenties, my life felt like a mess.

Everyone my age seemed so happy and fulfilled.

They were doing things with their lives.

And I wasn’t.

Until I had the most disturbing wake-up call.

My brother and sister had been in a car accident.

As my mom and I rushed to the hospital…

We didn’t speak to each other.

But I remember looking over at her driving frantically.

And whispering under her breath, please, not my babies.

I didn’t realize it until then that my heart wasn’t my own.

My brother and sister each held half of it.

Along with my mom’s.

To my surprise, when we pulled up Dad was there.

15 years of no contact, and there he was.

As sullen and sad and scared as the day he left.

To my surprise, my parents embraced each other.

We waited two hours for an update until a doctor pushed through the waiting room doors.

He was untying his mask in defeat.

He walked up to us and said my brother was stable.

But my sister had to be intubated.

Unable to breathe on her own, she lay in a coma for weeks.

My mom had to make the hardest decisions of her life and they decided to let my sister rest.

Instead of watching her body slowly fade.

The pain and defeat was unbearable.

My brother’s recovery was the only thing we had to look forward to.

But I was done. Nothing mattered. Nothing.

Without her…

What was the point?

My sadness swallowed me whole.

And my mom recognized the depth of the darkness I had sunken into.

She often asked me to sleep over…

Despite my apartment being only twenty minutes away.

I just couldn’t be in the house that held so many memories.

One night those memories kept flooding my mind.

And I couldn’t push back the tide any longer.

I wanted to reunite with my sister.

Wherever she was, I wanted to be there too.

I made my plan. Wrote my goodbye letters. And was ready to leave this life behind

I went to visit my mom for the last time.

She never got to say goodbye to my sister so I at least wanted to spend my last hour with her.

After our visit, I promptly drove home with the bottle of antidepressants I stole from my mom’s bathroom.

I started with four.

Looking back, I realize I couldn’t even commit to taking my life.

But I’m SO grateful for the hesitation.

As the painful capsules crawled their way down my throat my mom barged in through my front door.

She intuitively felt something wasn’t right…

And followed her instinct straight into my arms where she saved me.

Moments after thanking her, I fell asleep and had the most intense, vivid dreams.

My sister showed up…

And she told me I must live.

For the both of us.

I was stripped of nearly everyone…

And everything… 

I ever loved.

And all I had left…

Was… myself.

Ultimately deciding my life was worth fighting for…

I found myself in Costa Rica.

I purchased a one-way ticket to the happiest place on Earth, hoping to find my own slice of joy.

I really went because my boss needed someone to house-sit her vacation rental.

And I needed to get as far away as possible from my cold sadness.

Yet while I went seeking warmth and healing, what I found was so much more.

I met a handful of extraordinary people who helped me… 

Change my life forever.

A small group of people had organized some spiritual activities.

The creator of the event, Brooke Arden…

Found me awkwardly making my way into the conference.

She politely asked for my name badge and let me know the event was actually invite-only.

I was almost relieved.

I had been unsure about popping into these things anyway.

As I turned to head back to the house just a block or two down the road…

She suddenly grabbed me

“No! Nevermind. Come! Please.” Brooke insisted.

I was confused but gladly obliged.

The first activity was a thirty-five-minute guided breathwork.

The energetic release was palpable.

I felt an immense emotional release.

I forgave myself for all the years I lost, thinking existence was cruel.

I felt the miracle of my life.

Coursing through my blood.

Ringing out in the strong thud of my heartbeat.

As I sat up at the end of the class, I caught Brooke staring at me from across the room.

We made our way over to each other.

And she immediately led me to the man near the sound bowls.

Mark, this is Heather.”

Then something strange happened.

She leaned and whispered, “She’s a Way-seer.”

“I’m sorry, a what?” I asked.

Mark smiled and said, we’ll explain more later.

As the weeks proceeded

I felt the negative narrative I had about my painful life experiences began to shift.

I could no longer identify with that sad, lonely, poor girl.

The one who has no reason to live.

The one who couldn’t find or keep love.

The one who never took a chance.

The one who settled in life.

And let suffering destroy her passion and purpose.

But with the help of meditation, chakra, and sound bath workshops…
Spiritual gifts re-emerged and expanded exponentially.

I say re-emerged because some of the things I experienced

During and after the workshop were similar to the unexplained experiences I had as a child.

Only back then, I had no idea what I was seeing and feeling.

What I feared when I was young became the answer to my prayers as a broken adult.

In the weeks to come 

I began having vivid dreams.

The dreams were always in first-person 

And full of color.

It took weeks for me to realize… My dreams depicted the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

This was just the beginning of my expansion.

It wasn’t long before I could clearly see everyone’s aura.

The first thing I noticed was how murky their energy fields were.

At first, it was distracting.

Until I recognized that someone would attend one of the events and start with a fuzzy aura

And once they leftThe color was sharp and radiant.

Not only could I see their auraI could feel their emotional blockages.

Some were all too familiar

Eventually, my visit to Costa Rica became a semi-permanent move.

I finally felt inspired, driven, full of purpose

And dare I say… happy.

I continued to explore and expand my gifts.

Working closely with Brooke and Mark…
I began incorporating Eastern Elements and meditative audio to further explore…

Many of the emotional and spiritual traumas that were trapped in people’s auras.

I noticed the more disconnected someone was from their powerful Eastern Element

Not only would their aura be a dull color, this disconnection shrunk the energy and illumination of their auric life force.

And as I learned from Mark and Brooke, people with HUGE auras are Way-seers like me…

Destined to guide others… and have a HUGE impact on humanity in this lifetime.

Before long…

I didn’t even have to meet someone in person…
To be able to feel their auric health…

See the gifts they’re meant to align with…

And help them transmute trapped energy

To become the person they’re meant to be…

And have the life they’re meant to live.

Using Aura reading, Eastern Elements, and the ancient Tarot

I have been channeling guidance and healing for years now.

A few years ago…if you had told me, I was going to offer anyone guidance…
I would have (politely) laughed in your face. 

As lost, afraid, and directionless as my life had been for decades…

There’s no way I would have thought it possible to guide others

Anxiety about the future plagued me day in and day out. 

How much money would I have? 

When will I get serious about improving my health

Who will be there to love me? 

A constant rotation of scenarios played out in my mind on repeat.


I was FINALLY freed.

You, too, can feel the lightness that comes…

When you have the answers

To your soul’s biggest questions.

Unfortunately, I Can’t Help Everyone. I Only Reach Out to People

Who are Way-seers Like You.
People with Special Elements and Auric Energy Like Yours
Are Why I Do What I Do.

Eventually, I began hosting the same transformative events

That awakened me to my calling.

I met thousands of people throughout the years.

But one day, I came across someone with an intense energy.

I saw in her what Brooke saw in me.

Her aura was nearly three times the size of others.

It had a unique lavender hue with touches of soft grey.

She, too, was a Way-seer

Like me.

And I haven’t seen one since.

Until now.

The texture and colors of the aura I see glowing around you… Is undeniably like my own.

You have untapped energy and gifts yet to be explored

Your Eastern Element empowers these gifts.

But most importantly, you are out of touch with the single energetic key

That will change your life.

The Worst Horrors In The World And Even Your Own Terrible Life Experiences

Can’t Define Your Future When You’re in Tune
With Your Primary Eastern Element

Once I came into contact with the essence of my Eastern element

Nothing was the same.

And the same will happen for you.
Right here.

Right now.

The brilliance of your aura is undeniable.

But the blockages you carry are as magnified as the divine potential you possess.

I want to share a transformative tool with you…
To remove your limitations and free yourself from your past…

Sso that you may finally get the taste of clarity






And Abundancethat you’ve been waiting for.

And what better way than with the oldest and most powerful tools in my divinity kit…

The Tarot and Eastern Elements.

I’m so grateful the Universe brought us together…

For this destined opportunity.

this in-depth, personalized, Eastern Element and Tarot report that offers you unique key insights to unlocking total health, wealth, and true love is what I’m calling Your Grandmaster Tarot Element Reading

Now… let me share what it includes...

The Tarot tells a mystical story colored with major life themes.

Some you’ve already overcome, others, you’ve yet to face.

It is the hero’s journey that you’re on right now.

The first few chapters of the powerful reading…

Walk you through the story of your life reflected in the Major Arcana.

Unfold layers of symbolism and understanding held within the details of each image.

Images just like the dreams I had.

The very dreams that led me to you.

As you read on, you’ll meet the minor arcanaThe suits, wands, cups, pentacles, swords

Interpretations of the court cardsKing, Queen, Knight, and Page

And the significance of the numbers (0-78).

But it’s never enough to know the cards.

I invite you to begin reading them.

Through clear intention setting and step-by-step lessons on asking the Tarot for guidance…

Regarding your finances, health, and romance.

You will see how this divine ally

Serves you…

Guides you

And becomes your compass in life.

The most powerful part of all is your personal Grandmaster Tarot Element Reading.

I’m giving you the reading of a lifetime.

Based on your dominant Eastern element energy, I show you where in life…

Your limiting beliefs and habits have smothered your health, wealth, love life, and happiness.

Use this reading for specific and detailed answers…

on how to instantly improve your financial standing

Attract and sustain true love… And genuine connections.

You’ll also be guided on where chi is blocked in your physical body…

Causing disease, pain, and weakness.

Your reading unfolds the past, present, and destined future.

But if nothing changes…

The future will only reflect your past.

A past filled with disappointment, guilt, shame, and regret.

A past where you neglected your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing…

And wondered why life wasn’t what you hoped it would be.

This is why I will close out your reading with a personalized and detailed guide…

On exactly how to use your report.

I am making sure there is no confusion and no question left unanswered.

You will be equipped to live the rest of your life…

As the most optimized version of yourself.

Synchronize Yourself With Your Eastern Element
Using Your Grandmaster Tarot Element Reading
And These Reality-Shifting Tools For Total Alignment.

Because I want you to get powerful results as quickly as possible…
I’m including three powerful bonuses for you if you request your reading today…

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Imagine holding the ancient cards, feeling their radiant energy and power

Activate your own energy field and empower your very own Eastern Element.

With this ebook as your trusted companion, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery

IntuitionAnd profound insights.

Inside its digital pages, you’ll uncover how Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth…

Are depicted within each Tarot card that represents them.

With this profound insight…

Understanding and utilizing your Element comes easily.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned spiritualist…

This powerful ebook is a must-have for your spiritual toolkit.

Gain the knowledge and confidence to perform tarot readings for yourself and others.

Use your gifts to offer guidanceClarityAnd a touch of magic everywhere you go. 

Allow the wisdom of Tarot Elements to illuminate your path… and ignite your soul.

This is a rare opportunity to deepen your connection with the spiritual realm

Embrace the enchantment of your personal reading…

And let its timeless wisdom transform your entire life.

Learn to eliminate subconscious limitations

Feel the ease

And trust in life…

When you expand your capacity

To receive the blessings the Universe sends your way.

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That’s why I’m including a rock-solid 365-day guarantee

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Of being aligned with your Tarot Element

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“I turned to Heather to help me heal from a few traumatic events, but what I got was a lifetime’s worth of clarity. My Grandmaster Tarot Element Reading was so specific and thoughtful. It felt like she knew everything about me. I used my guidance to not only heal but transform my private business and save my marriage. It really encompasses everything in life you want to be fixed.” 

Margo T.


“I was never much of a believer in “energy,” but Heather’s Grandmaster Tarot Element Reading was undeniably spiritual. I didn’t realize I had supressed so much. Once I was guided on how to let it go, everything in life just got easier. Making money, creative projects, or even just getting to the house renovations, I’d put off for years. I feel confident and capable now more than I ever had.” 

Luke R.


“Life never made much sense until now. I spent years just doing what I was told. Like my mom, I became a chronic people-pleaser. My Grandmaster Tarot Element Reading was the first thing I have done for myself in decades. And I’m forever changed because of it. My relationships are more meaningful, my boundaries are stronger, and I’m happier than ever.”

Susan P.

You Are Not Meant For a Mediocre Life!

As a Way-seer, your destiny doesn’t just impact and expand your OWN life.

There is the sea of humanity waiting to experience your natural gifts.

That are unique to only you.

No one else can be who you are meant to be.

I know how uncertain and unbelievable it can feel to know the whole world needs you.

But all those years ago when I discovered my unique calling

Not only did I watch my own life transform…

I was able to heal and help everyone around me, including you.

Now it’s your turn.

I’m passing the torch to your magnetic aura and I have full faith

That you will choose the joy you deserve.

Unfortunately more chaos is coming to the planet.
Discover how to Master the Elements to still the storm

Sso that no matter what happens around you…

You’ll be strong, steady, & steadfast.

You’ll be an anchor for your community 

You’ll be someone people can turn to for guidance.

You’ll become the stillness in the storm.

A safe space for your soul… and for others….

A true Master of the Elements.

The key to everything you’ve been searching for

Is just below.

You are one click away from an entirely different life.

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