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Congratulations on Taking this Powerful First Step Toward Your Destiny With Your Grandmaster Tarot Element Reading

Now It’s Time to Discover
What to do with Your Power

I’m so excited that you’ve finally chosen to discover what your life can truly be, my dear
You’ve been so deserving for such a long time.

It’s nice seeing you accept the answers the Universe has been waiting to share with you.

Your life wasn’t meant to be riddled with constant fear, challenges, and stress.

You’ve been tested enough.

It’s time to take all the lessons and gifts you’ve gained from your experiences…

And transform them into a well-oiled, abundance-attracting machine.

I can see as clear as day how ready you are to live a life of ease and comfort.

And now that you’ve decided you’re done struggling

I sense your energy shifting already
You’re entering what I call the receptive mode, a state of mind, body, and spirit that is open to receive gifts of abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

I want to show you how to harness and optimize this profound energy, to serve you and your family forever.

In Just a Moment, I Will Reveal The Missing Element
That Will Empower You to Apply & Embody
the Most Powerful Aspects of
Your Grandmaster Tarot Element Reading

So often we don’t realize how stuck we are…

Until someone comes and pulls us out of the mud.

My first abundance breakthrough came when I turned to Brooke & Mark

Who were there for my transformation from the very beginning.

They could tell immediately that my energy was stuck.

After alternating energy modalities, we all agreed that soundwaves were the most effective way to release my trapped Chi energy and shift my financial reality.

Together, we ultimately curated the perfect set of soundtracks…

Tto overcome the limiting beliefs I had regarding money.

After just three weeks

Money miracles started appearing in my life…

And they haven’t stopped.
According to Mark, my body and brain imaging had been stuck in the frequency of fear…

When mentioning my relationship with wealth.

So we explored other tonalties that remedy this particular frequency.

And… what we found was extraordinary.

There are distinct pitches, harmonies, and chords…

That put the body in such a deep state of trance-like relaxation

That the subconscious mind becomes vulnerable to positive influence.

Within 21 days

I had reprogrammed financial insecurity

Generational poverty

Believing money was hard to make…

And even harder to keep

And transformed those beliefs into positive ones such as…

Looking back on how this transformation impacted my life

I’m certain you and I wouldn’t have found each other.

And I wouldn’t have been able to generate the resources…

Or skills required to reach other Way-seers

And help them actualize their destiny.

If Money Has Been an Issue in Your Past...
You are at a MUCH Greater Risk
of Blocking Your Financial Progress.

I understand the challenges you’ve faced.
And the last thing you need

Is for financial hardship to hold you back.

It breaks my heart imagining who you could’ve been… should’ve been

If it wasn’t for money holding you back and weighing you down.

I was there.

Just when everything was going well

An unexpected expense would drag me back into my state of fear, doubt, and lack.

I’d be so excited to transfer a few hundred dollars into my savings…

Only to have to pull it back out.

Always one step forward. Three steps back.

But that toxic cycle finally broke when I discovered this essential tool to keep me from drowning in debt.

I was surprised that despite my Grandmaster Awakening

I remained completely out of control of my financial expansion…

Until I FINALLY realized that wishful thinking wasn’t going to help me manifest

Generational wealth and sustainable prosperity.

I had to recognize the aspects of my life that were impacted by external forces.

Once I did…

Everything shifted.

And once that shift happened, my financial insecurity was eradicated.

Now’s Your Chance to Free Yourself
from Financial Struggle Forever.

Never Worry About Money Again.

To be clear, this is about so much more than just finances.
Your autonomy, privacy, and rights are at risk when your cash is in the hands of others.

I never want to see you become a slave to the system again.

Not many aspects of wealth and the economy are in your control.

And despite the urgency to put money into banks…

Or digital currency

The trust in these institutions is rapidly declining.

As the “powers that be” continue to threaten our access to funds

Increasing cyber tax and fees on balances and the development of social credit scores

The risk of losing your cash is higher than ever.

Not long ago, I was hosting an Aura Reading event in Florida

And noticed a devastating story being shared on every radio station I flipped through…

Was covering a massive trucker strike story in Canada.

In response to lockdowns and forced jabs, independent truckers united in demand for change.

Changes they and their families deserved.

In response, their money was frozen

And so were the accounts of people who donated to support them.

Banks began freezing their accounts.

Their money was GONE overnight!

The first way the world will try to control you…
Is by going after your money.

In the wrong hands

Whatever you’ve spent a lifetime building could be demolished in an instant.

Many Tarot Element members are now discovering the value of off-grid currency and assets. 

The time to stock up on food, silver, and gold is running out.

You and your family cannot depend on the cash placed in financial institutions.

Sometimes all it takes is posting the wrong thing to social media

Or sending money to a cause you disagree with for PayPal to hit your account with s $250 fee.

And no amount of good faith can have customer service reverse it.

With all the uncertainty and misplaced trust, Investments continue to plummet.

Your money simply isn’t safe anymore.

But there’s a kind of abundance that the elite know of…

That is untouchable.

The likes of Deepak Chopra, J.K. Rowling, and Leonardo Decaprio align their wealth with.

Now’s The Time To Invest In Your Energy
into the Most Reliable Source
of Power, Abundance, and Lasting Prosperity.

What many don’t realize is that your wealth

Is a reflection of what you believe to be your worth.

Money is an internal energy.

It is not separate from you.

And abundance does not exist outside of you.

It is not some external force you have to chase.

It’s a power inside that you have to harness.

The Universe will deliver…

Time and time again all that you subconsciously believe you deserve.

Fortunately, beliefs are malleable.

Having too much or not enough money cause you discomfort…

Because your relationship with your Eastern Element has been severed.

In the wake of post-lockdown inflation… 

It has become increasingly difficult to regain financial stability

Even when you take pride in your paycheck, a simple trip to the grocery store reveals… 

Just how the value of money has diminished 

Imagine the kind of wealth and financial stability that is unphased by external circumstances…

That’s where this invaluable program comes in.

revolutionary series of synchronized audios… 

Not only liberates you from inconsistency and unpredictability

But also provides a clear vision of your financial future

And helps cultivate subconscious thought patterns that attract wealth.

Abundance Isn’t Just About Money. It’s About Security, Confidence, Resources, and Your Ability to Make a Tremendous Impact on the World.

Until you’ve fully embraced your worth

You’ll never see what incredible value you have in the world…

And the massive impact you can have on it.

Without this missing key for manifesting success, many of your efforts risk falling flat.

Self-sabotage has a cunning way of coming in and convincing you…

That your efforts are meaningless.

But I know…

That you know…

This is when lasting change turns your life around.

This is your time.
Using these proven practices…

I’m now making my secrets to financial success and freedom

Available to a very select few.

I’m finally ready to share what Brooke, Mark, and I created to uplevel your entire life.

It’s time to master your attitude of abundance and attract wealth effortlessly.

Here's Everything You'll Receive In Your
Elemental Money Mastery Program...

It’s only appropriate that I warn you…

This program is only suitable for you IF you won’t be overcome or startled by its impact.

So… if you’re ready for abundance and extravagance

Please explore what I have in store for you.

These are confidential and high-powered frequencies

Curated to synchronize your mind and body with its highest possible frequency.

By activating your Eastern Element you’ll:

And access the wellspring of abundance the Universe set apart just for you.

Week 1

Miracle Money Manifestation MP3

Become a Money Magnet
Remember the last time you received an unexpected bonus?

Found a $100 dollar bill on the ground?

Or were approved for a loan at a fantastic rate?

It’s time to make little and substantial money miracles a part of your everyday life.

Experience the transformative power of 432 Hz.

An enchanting frequency known as Verdi’s A is woven throughout this immersive audio track

It has the potential to regenerate your understanding…BeliefsAnd behaviors surrounding money

At a subconscious and permanent level.

This is a complete shift in your awareness and how to attract and sustain money.

Suddenly powerful opportunities seem to appear out of thin air.

These seemingly subtle shifts in frequency paint the world of finance with new, vibrant colors.

And for the first time, you’re the one holding the paint brush.

By aligning your frequency with the limitlessness of the Universe, you create a powerful resonance that attracts wealth and possibilities.

As you listen to this track. embark on a journey of surrender. 

Fear and doubt will melt away and be replaced with a deep sense of ease and receptivity

In this energetic state of trust, Manifestation becomes mere child’s play. 

And alignment with the frequency of abundance is completely effortless. 

Prepare to witness the magic unfold.

As opportunities and synchronicities effortlessly make their way into your life. 

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you start manifesting wealth and abundance.

Doors that were once closed will swing wide open for you…
Open yourself to the energy of abundance and witness the transformation of life unfold.

Week 2

Debt Demolition MP3

Release The Energetic Weight Of Lingering Debt
Nothing creates financial shame quite like receiving a piece of mail stamped “past due.”

It doesn’t only tell your mind and body that you’re incapable of paying bills on time…

It also tells you’re energy that you’re irresponsible with money, don’t have enough of it and are somehow behind the financial curve.

Using 417 Hz, we’ve generated the perfect audio to free you from the burden of Debt.

You cannot become who you’re meant to be…

Or attract what you’re destined to accumulate when you’re held down by the negative energy of debt.

Debt can carry a dark energetic cloud and infuses guilt and shame into your aura which keeps you anchored to the past. 

Use this powerful audio to clear your energy field and guide you toward… 

Inspired actionDebt resolutionConfidenceand help you take ownership of your financial future. 

This harmonic liberation is a debt dissolver.

Since all money is energy so is all debt.

Imagine a life free from the shackles of past financial struggles where scarcity and lack are mere distant memories

Harness the transformative power of the remarkable 417 Hz frequency via an enchanting composition that resonates deep within your being to wash away negative energy and restore balance to your money mindset.

Experience the profound liberation of a wealth-conscious mindset.

Watch as the walls of scarcity crumble revealing a world brimming with opportunities…

Prosperity and overall financial well-being.

You have never truly allowed yourself to FULLY live

Until now.
This wealth-inducing soundtrack transcends the realm of mere audio…

As the very first steps on your journey toward Lasting financial liberation.

Week 3

Financial Freedom Fastrack MP3

Invite Wealth To Rush In
The final and possibly my favorite step in the three-week program…

Is an extraordinary binaural audio experience that propels you towards the liberating realm of wealth

With not a minute to waste…

This step seals the deal.

By taking full advantage of the space you’ve created in your heart and mind

The Universe will rush in

And with the Law of Attraction restore that space with wealth, cash flow, and abundance.

At its core, this audio is a powerful tool that empowers you to reclaim… 

What Is rightfully yours – the freedom to live a life of financial abundance

These powerful audios make whatever you desire yours… and quickly!

With Financial Freedom Fast Track, you will witness a remarkable transformation in your relationship with money

This powerful audio penetrates deep into your subconscious mind and works diligently to align you with greatness, success, and financial stability. 

It opens up new and unique opportunities and passion-driven streams of income.

These precisely engineered frequencies stimulate your brain’s alpha and theta waves

Financial Freedom Fastrack is more than just an audio recording

It is an invitation to rewrite your money story.
As you listen, you will experience a profound shift in your energy and begin radiating the kind of confidence and magnetism

That draws money toward you like an unstoppable force of nature.

Don’t let another day pass you by…
Living with severe financial limitations when you could be experiencing the true and expansive nature of your beautiful life.

When Abundance Flows… It POURS!
So to accelerate your results even more
I’m including TWO transformative bonuses…

Bonus #1

Express Elemental Money Mastery MP3

A 20-Minute Version of the 3-Week Program’s Audio
Want the most impact from this experience in the least amount of time?

This transformative 20-minute bonus audio condenses the entire comprehensive three-week journey 

Toward financial freedom, happiness, and fulfillment into a short audio track you can listen to every single day. 

This extraordinary power program combines the vibrations of curated binaural harmonies… 

Meditation, and an energetic approach that all help you overcome financial limitations and awaken your abundance mindset… quickly and powerfully. 

Optimize your inherent power, skills, and divinely ordained gifts through carefully crafted melodic meditations and tonal affirmations

Empowering you to become significantly more aware of who you are and what you want.

Within ONLY 20 minutes, you will experience a profound shift in your thoughts and beliefs

As you listen, you will feel a deep sense of alignment and your newfound confidence and clarity helps you soar through limitations.

This program goes beyond conventional financial strategies and dives deep into the realm of spirituality and your inner world

Recognizing that true wealth is not just measured in monetary terms but also resonates through your mind, body, and spirit. 

This free audio bonus empowers you to create a life filled with monetized purpose and inspired action.

Embrace this opportunity to transform your life…
And unlock the prosperity that your mind hasn’t been able to recognize

Until now.

Say goodbye to limitations, lack, and longing to have what others have and allow abundance to guide your principles and aligned decisions.

Bonus #2

Master Your Wealth Element Guidebook

Harness The Power Of All Eastern Elements
Unlock the secrets of wealth creation

Guidance that was long reserved for the elite

Is finally being exposed.

Greed once put money in the wrong hands.

But with this exclusive instruction, balance will be restored and you will be paid your dues.

With the step-by-step guidance of The Wealth Element Guidebook.

This comprehensive guide takes you on a transformative journey

Through the Eastern Elements

Revealing the profound connection between the earthly elements and your ability to manifest abundance, fulfillment, and purpose.

Each chapter of this extraordinary guidebook delves into detailed specifics… 

About your particular element, unraveling its unique qualities, associated traits and influence on wealth creation

From Metal to Wood, Water to Fire, and Earth, you will gain deep insights into your birth element.

I want you to understand that you embody all elements…
Not just your birth element and each one plays a crucial role in shaping your personality, strengths and wealth-building potential.

To become a Master of the Elements you need to have them ALL in balance.

Learn to immerse yourself in powerful affirmations… 

That align your mindset with each element’s energy propelling you toward financial success

These chapters reinforce your deservingness of wealth…

Refine your natural skills…Enhance your adaptability… Ignite your passion

And nurture your abundance.

The Wealth Element Guidebook goes beyond theoretical knowledge and provides practical exercises tailored to each element through decision-making strategies, networking techniques… 

Creative visualization, meditation, calculated risk-taking, grounded direction, and more.

Get instant access to the specific tools necessary to activate your dominant element and unlock your full wealth-creating potential.

Use this one-of-a-kind guide to navigate the complex nuances

Of the powerful and abundant life you now have in store.

This Limited Time Offer
Is Exclusive To Tarot Element Members Like You
While You Remain On This Page.

After traveling the world and meeting thousands of beautiful souls…
I’m undeniably inspired by what I see in yours.
You are so close to the power and purpose of your critical calling as a way-seer.

And I want more than anything for you to recognize

How essential it is to remove these inherited energy blockages.

I went far too long trying to force success only to see it collapse beneath me.

Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind

And the decades worth of belief systems it contains.

The ego doesn’t want you to expand.

It will do what it can to ensure your life reflects the suffering you grew up experiencing.

But You Are A Mold-Breaker. And Are Destined To Destroy Generational Suffering… And Embrace Expansive Growth Beyond All Expectations.

Are you ready to enter a world where lasting prosperity

Total abundance and sustained wealth is your reality now and forever? 

The Elemental Money Mastery Program offers you a rare and unique opportunity

To claim your birthright to a life of riches…

And you can do this…
Without it costing you anywhere near what it brings you.

Imagine writing your own miraculous testimony of wealth

As your unlimited abundance rushes in

It’s hard to truly estimate the value of this program… 

Until you experience the transformation firsthand

I’ve always said…

These tools are too powerful to keep to myself.

So for a limited time, I’m offering you an exclusive rate that will never be lower.

It’s only available to member like you right now.
As long as you stay on this page this offer remains active.

But I can’t keep these tools private for much longer.

As the membership exceeds thousands of people the word is getting out and the general public will soon have access… 

To these invaluable lessons and tools… 

At a cost upward of $299 based on “market value.”

But you have the chance to start your journey today… 

For a mere fraction of that price. 

Available only at the bottom of this page

There is a special 85% markdown reserved just for you.
Multiplying your money-manifesting abilities is just the beginning.
Your journey can start right now

For a limited time you have instant lifetime access to all three weeks of audio tracks… 

And two invaluable bonuses for just $44.

Don’t miss out on this generous offer exclusive to you, a valued member. 

Start your transformation today… 

And embrace the limitless possibilities that await you.

Simply click “Yes! I Claim My Wealth Destiny, Heather!” to upgrade your order now.

Here Are Just A Few Of My Favorite Success Stories From People Who Continue to Turn to the
Elemental Money Mastery Program

Elemental Money Mastery Program Member 2 Months

My dad was addicted to gambling, and my mother refused to spend a cent. Needless to say, I developed a pretty toxic understanding of money and never imagined I’d be among the wealthy. After a few weeks, I’ve attracted a job that pays four times my former salary, includes full health insurance coverage, and has an unbeatable 401k program. I’m starting to understand that I won’t have to fear or worry about money like my parents always did.

Elemental Money Mastery Program Member 11 Months

The Elemental Money Mastery Program is a game-changer. I was skeptical at first, but it exceeded all my expectations. The combination of Eastern Elements, element analysis, and practical tools helped me unleash my natural talents and tap into abundance like never before. I haven’t been late for a bill since. And have comfortably treated my family to two vacations this year. Remarkable results! Thank you, Heather!

Elemental Money Mastery Program Member 6 Months

I can’t recommend the Elemental Money Mastery Program enough! It’s like a roadmap to financial freedom. I’ve witnessed a significant shift in my relationship with money by understanding my birth element and implementing the exercises and affirmations provided. I feel empowered, confident, and in control of my financial destiny. And $12K in debt is GONE! Forever!

With the energy of abundance flowing into your life…

You’ll be free from the fear and stress of financial burdens.

No more bill overdue dates, embarrassing check-out counters or rejected financial applications.

A truly priceless result

Don’t let your current circumstances hold you back.
Invest in an opportunity you may never have access to again

This program can and will turn everything around for you… 

Regardless of how impossible that feels at this moment.

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Complete Confidence is My Priority.

I believe in the power of this program because of the impact it has had in the lives of others…

But primarily because of what it has done for me.

Yet I know how uncomfortable you are with financial risk.

So it’s critical for me…

That you feel absolutely secure in your investment

That’s why I’m offering a rock-solid 365-day guarantee…

To ensure your satisfaction or receive a complete refund.

Take your time for an entire year to explore and experience the incredible benefits… 

Of being aligned with your Eastern Birth Element

If, within this time, you’re not completely satisfied with the magnificent results

Simply reach out to me or my team and we will gladly refund your investment… 

Without any hassle or questions asked.

This program means nothing to me if it doesn’t absolutely change your financial fate.

Your satisfaction is my commitment.
And I want to support your transformative journey

Long after you complete this program.

Trust in my 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee… 

And start your journey toward financial liberation… 

And total abundanceToday!

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Make money problems a thing of your past, forever.

The invitation to enter your era of financial freedom is right here.

I and the other brilliantly blessed members… 

Of the Tarot Element Family await you on the other side.

We have collectively manifested this very moment for YOU.
Now’s your chance to take inspired action…

Simply click “Yes! I Claim My Abundant Destiny, Heather!” 

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