Week 1 - Emotional & Physical Pain Relief

This awe-inspiring composition centers around the profound healing power of the lowest Solfeggio tone the ethereal key, “F,” which resonates at 174Hz

Often referred to as the “Frequency of the Earth Energy”, it unveils a sacred connection between you and our planet grounding your very soul in nature’s embrace. 

As the gentle waves of sound envelop your senses…

As an unmistakable sense of serenity and relaxation washes over your mind unraveling years worth of muscular knots, stress, and tension.

Beyond its calming effects, the 174Hz frequency offers a remarkable gift to your physical being.

Week 2 - Remove Harmful Energy Draining Elements

Allow the 741 Hz frequency to serve as your guardian an energetic shield against the relentless assaults of modern life.

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of silky smooth Tibetan Flute melodies intertwined with celestial tones inspired by the cosmos

As you listen, the essence of your surroundings will undergo a revitalizing metamorphosis. 

Embrace the serenity, find solace in tranquility and allow the rejuvenating energies to untangle your own.

Week 3 - Boost Your Immune System Audio

These ethereal melodies transport you into a realm of healing and renewal that happens from the inside out. 

To begin, week three focuses on the throat chakra.

This chakra’s subtle energy houses the responsibility of expression and release.

It is intricately linked to the immune system

A balanced and functioning throat chakra strengthens your body’s ability to defend against illnesses

Resonating at 741Hz, this potent energy source is vital in unblocking other pathways and fosters a profound connection between mind, body, and immunity.


Deep Rejuvenating Sleep Audio

This enchanting melody of relaxing sleep music is crafted for the purpose of revitalizing and re-energizing your body and mind at a cellular level.

The visual backdrop harmonizes with the audio track to transport you to serene landscapes.

In this imaginative state, the body feels safe and the subconscious mind lowers its defenses. 

This invites your nervous system to unwind so the body can go into rest and recover sooner and more efficiently.

Deep Elemental Healing Audio

Enter a state of Zen with this mystical listening experience.

Considered the most mysterious of the ancient Sollfeggios, 528 Hz can instantly put you in a meditative state of mind and body.

Enjoy a powerful respite from everyday life with a unique audio companion that supports and empowers your rest and healing.


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